When to Repair vs. Replace my Commercial Roof System?

In today’s uncertain economy paying for preventative maintenance can be seen as wishful thinking.  Why spend the money to prolong my roof 10 more years if I don’t know what tomorrow holds? Unfortunately preventative maintenance is not a luxury that only needs to be done in good business environments.

If you are like many business/property owners you have probably spent the last few years worrying about keeping your doors open (or your tenant’s doors open) and not about how your roof is aging. Your first line of defense against serious roof damage is yourself. Get on the roof and do a visual inspection. Some of the “red flags” will be:


Ponding Water

Ponding water

Water has ponded near the HVAC condenser.  Standing water can wreak havoc on a roof by accelerating the wear through of the membrane and giving moisture more chances to penetrate to the substrate.


Dark or discolored staining of the membrane

Staining usually represents a prior moisture intrusion that has now dried. The change in color to the membrane indicates the water has broken through the exterior seal. This is an early sign of larger roof maintenance problems.


Roof Blister

Blisters in the membrane

Indicates water has gotten underneath the membrane surface and when heated is causing the membrane to blister. Blistering will lead to peeling and cracking of the roof membrane.


Roof Peel-Crack

Peeling or cracking of the membrane

Usually represents a later stage of roof membrane failure.  The outer protective layer has failed and is no longer protecting the substrate.  A roof in this condition is not protected from the elements and action should be taken immediately to prevent further costly deterioration.

If during your visual inspection you see any of these “red flags” contact a qualified roofing contractor to inspect the roof, preferably one who is qualified to do moisture tests, as the root of these causes is moisture intrusion.


Universal Coatings Inc.

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